Managed E-Commerce

How Managed E-Commerce Works.

Simplify your path to online success: Upper Level Consulting will have you selling in four easy steps!

Our managed E-Commerce program introduces you to a straightforward financial structure: initially, a one-time fee to get everything set up, and following that, a monthly fee that kicks in after development. This approach ensures you’re fully equipped from the start, then continues to support your journey as it evolves, keeping you on the path to success with clarity and ease. Here’s how it works.

Managed E-Commerce

Kickoff Call

To kick things off, we’ll arrange a 30-minute consultation call to ensure we understand each other’s expectations and objectives.

Domain Selection

After the consultation, and upon receiving your one-time payment, we’ll move forward with selecting a domain name—either a new one or one you already possess.

Site Development

With the domain settled, our team dives into the exciting phase of crafting your WordPress WooCommerce Website, tailored just for you.

Start Selling

Join forces with Upper Level Consulting! Together, we’ll start the exciting journey of boosting sales and expanding your brand, step by step, as a team.

Behind the Scenes of Managed E-Commerce:
Unpacking Your Investment

One-Time Fee: $750

  • Custom Domain (if needed)
  • Branded Website Development
    (Home / About / Shop / Contact)
  • Web Hosting Setup
  • Credit Card Processing Setup
    (Stripe or WooPayments)
  • 10 Products (with 5 variables) or 5 Supplied Print on Demand Designs Managed Through Your Printify Account
  • Search Engine Optimized and Indexed

Monthly: $199

(12 mo. commitment)

  • Add Additional 3 Products (with 5 variables)
  • or 5 Supplied Print on Demand Designs We Manage Through Your Printify Account
  • 4 Blog Posts To Assist SEO
  • WordPress Updates / Maintenance
  • Ongoing Web Hosting
  • 15 Min. Analytics Review via Zoom

Additional Services

Choose the services you need when you need them.

  • Social Selling on Facebook and Instagram (One-Time Charge $650 Invoiced Separately)
  • Social Media Management (IG / FB)
    ($250 / mo.)
  • Bi-Weekly Customer Email Marketing
    ($175 / mo.)

You’re one click away from building your online brand.

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Our Managed E-COmmerce SoluTion FAQ

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

At Upper Level Consulting, we understand that the world of e-commerce is both vast and complex. Our Managed E-Commerce service is designed to simplify this landscape, providing you with a comprehensive solution that handles everything from the ground up. Whether you’re looking to launch your first online store or scale an existing platform, our team of experts is here to ensure your success. [Learn More]

Managed E-Commerce frees you up! We handle everything from website setup to marketing & customer service. Focus on growth while experts ensure your store runs smoothly. Let’s build your e-commerce success together. [Read More]

Our journey together doesn’t end with the completion of your e-commerce website; in fact, that’s where the adventure truly begins. Launching your site is just the first step. The path to becoming a thriving e-commerce brand extends far beyond the “build it and they will come” philosophy. It’s an ongoing quest, much like aiming for a moving target, where our team of experts plays a crucial role. Success in the digital marketplace demands continuous effort and adaptation, and that’s where our expertise becomes your advantage. Let’s embark on this continuous journey towards success together. We want to provide you with a total E-Commerce Solution.

Upper Level Consulting uses WordPress and WooCommerce to power your webstore.

Once the site is developed, we enter into a 12 month agreement. Your credit card on file is charged on the date of our initial agreement. This is why it’s a Complete E-Commerce Solution for your business.

The main difference between our system and Shopify is your site will be developed by experts that stay on the job. We get to know you and your business and collaborate on making your brand successful.

No problem. Please refer to our WordPress Development Services page and we will be happy to send you a proposal. Most sites cost between $2,500 and $10,000.

As we reach the conclusion of our first 12 months together, a new chapter begins. You’ll have the freedom to either renew your journey with Upper Level Consulting or take the reins by migrating your site to a hosting service of your choice, marking the end of our current engagement. We’re optimistic that the value we add to your daily sales operations will inspire you to continue partnering with us. It’s a choice that reflects not just where you’ve been, but where you’re headed next. We think you will want to continue your journey with us and our E-Commerce Solution.

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